Author: freuddwyn

Our Limit

Hello everyone, this is my first post. I hope you will enjoy it ūüôā Feedback will be greatly appreciated.


I read a beautiful quote today. Not only is it motivational, it also set me thinking about a lot of things. Here is how it goes:

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them

I thought that¬†the person who said this must be such a poser. After all, how can we accept our limits and go beyond them? Accepting our limits means putting ourselves in a box. We can only exist within that space. I was inclined to say that this is stupid. The walls don’t really exist…they are only in our heads, and why would we stay on the ground when we can fly?

I was very intrigued, so I searched about the quote. I found out that it was Albert Einstein who said it, and we all know how he truly went beyond the limits that other people set for him. How can someone who surpassed such obstacles have, and accept, his own limits? Either he was lying, and he really was a poser, or he knew a way of making the knowledge of his own weaknesses into an advantage.

Thinking about this reminds me of Sun Tzu’s principles: if one knows the enemy’s weakness and not one’s own, one would be sure to lose the battle. If one knows one’s weakness and not the enemy’s, one would have a fair chance of winning.¬†If knowing our own limits is more important than knowing the enemy’s, that would mean that boundaries would actually help us to grow.

The thing is, we are humans. There¬†are always things we can’t do. So why bother trying if there is no chance of moving forward? Sometimes it is good to know that there¬†are¬†walls, if only to know when to stop and which way to go when it becomes impossible to move forward. After all, life is always a bunch of wrong turns and detours…it is never a straight line.

Most days, I am in need of this reminder. It is easy to give up when we hit a wall, and easier still to never acknowledge it, until all we do is press against it in a futile attempt to go forward.

Now the question is what we should do about our limits. We can disregard them and fail to realize when we bump against them, or we can accept our limits, find a way around them, and go beyond.