4th of July


Yesterday I had my first 4th of July celebration in the States. It was amazing.

First I went on a short hiking trail in Santa Anita Canyon, Arcadia, followed by cliff jumping in Hermit Falls. We got stuck for an hour when we got back (the rangers said something about closing the doors periodically…should have said that before we went in!) but it was fun. We ate cupcakes and chips, blasted some music, and saw some guys play badminton to pass the time.

Afterwards, we went to a grocery store and bought some stuff for barbecue at our friend’s house. All around his neighborhood there were massive fireworks. It was amazing to look at. We decided to go look at some more fireworks, so we went to the beach. During the drive through the highway, fireworks kept going up all around us. Headlights blinked in the dark and buildings loomed above our heads (the car was a convertible). For a moment, I felt as though we were in the movies. Fitting, since I live in LA.

When we got to the beach, the fireworks show was over, but we lay down on the sand and just gazed at the stars. There were many of them to look at because the ocean was really dark. I remember feeling so awed looking at the moon…it was a half-circle, yellow and perfect, flanked by stars in the middle of the sky. The ocean lapped against the shore, calming and rolling. I wanted to jump into the water (I was still wearing my swimsuit under my jacket) but the water was too cold).

I wish it could have been like that everyday, but I know that it is impossible. We live not to have fun, but to survive. Sometimes I wish it is not the case, and certainly at times like that it is easy to believe that life will go on like it always did. But I don’t want to feel sad, not after I experienced something so special, so different from what I know (the fireworks here are simply beautiful).

By the way, the fireworks up there is a picture my friend took! It was amazing!



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